Wednesday, January 23, 2013

This post is being brought to you from the great indoors.  Yes, it is about 10 degrees here in upstate NY.  Absolutely miserable, and although I love fashion and photography, I don't love it enough to lose a finger or two!  As a self employed photographer, especially during the winter months, my look is all about comfort. A typical tuesday often involves browsing the etsysphere, getting orders ready and promoting (let's call this post "on my way to the post office chic") This post definitely reflects my style on a normal (albeit good ) winter day.  I just love the shoes i'm wearing in these shots.  Gap was having a 40% off sale and I scored them for 10 dollars (as well as a couple other cute finds i'll be sure to post soon enough!.  Enjoy!

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Shirt - Gap //  Undershirt - F21 // Jeans - Gap // Shoes - Gap // Ring - Kate Spade // Earrings - H&M Bracelets - JCrew - Watch - Michael Kors // Necklace - Dreams By The Sea (Thanks Cristalle!)


  1. wow beautiful shoes and ring is awesome !

  2. What beautiful pictures!

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