Thursday, January 24, 2013

I didn't think I could say better things about origins if I tried, but they have wowed me again.  And I thought i'd share those thoughts here for TILT.  

I first heard about origins back in high school when I won a contest at macys and received a basket full of 500 dollars worth of origins products.  Not only did it last me until college, it made me a lifelong fan.  A year or two ago I was in the skincare school of thought that involved... Not caring much at all.  I've always had pretty good skin.  I didn't need much of anything,  I never washed my makeup off (Gross, right?)  But as I go into my mid twenties this year it's dawning on me that if I don't take good care of my skin, I will wake up someday with a host of problems and quite a few wrinkles.  So i've bit the bullet and I wash my face and moisturize every night. (not to mention drink A LOT of water)

So onto what I'm using.

1.  Gloomaway souflee - I was actually gifted this for buying my moisterizer (along with the ginger souflee) It's a pretty basic body moisterizer and smells amazing!

2.  Never a dull moment - I switched to this in december.  It visibally brightens my face and OMG, it's huge!  I won't be running out for a while and at 20 bucks a tube, you can't go wrong.

3.  Ginger savory body wash - Pretty basic body wash, smells amazing if you pair it with their ginger souflee.

4.  Starting over age erasing moisturizer - Incredible.  It's more age preventative than anything else, and it is made with mimosa so it smells incredible.  A little on the steep side at 50 bucks.  but it's pretty big and I use moisturizer sparingly.  Only downside is that there is no SPF, so I may have to switch it up in the summertime.

Enjoy and happy thursday!


  1. So happy to see a post about origins, been using them for 5 years now. I cannot live without modern friction.


  2. Modern friction is great Rachelle, I really should pick some up!