Chelsea.  24 (going on 25!!!).

I live in upstate new york (yeah, that place with all of the snow).  I'm your typical (and sometimes unusual) girl who loves fashion, family, photography and all other art forms.  It's this love of art that has inspired my journey into the throws of the blogosphere.  When I started out with photography, self portraiture was a huge part of my growth as an artist.  I learned angles and expressions, it really built my character and style.  But as the years passed and I understood more about the craft, I really shyed away from the camera.  I focused on beautiful people and places, and that journey is amazing.  I truly hope that it continues forever.

I'm a full time photographer.  (my etsy is here).  Sometimes I shoot weddings and portraits (I had a wedding on Style me pretty last year).  I love what I do, but sometimes self employment can be dull.  You have lulls and a lot of free time on your hands.  So I wanted to take that extra energy that is getting wasted browsing around the internet and actually say something, and show something.  Fashion and Lifestyle just seems like the best choice for me!

I'm still learning a lot about fashion.  You will find great outfits here, sometimes a little questionable!  I'm not the kind of girl who can pull off prancing around in a beautiful poofy skirt and 4inch heels.  That's just not the life I live.  Maybe someday life will be just a little more glamorous (one can hope, right?).  But for now, enjoy my little blog about personal style and art!


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